Saturday, August 20, 2016

What Eclipses Mean and How to Handle Them

First of all, let’s go over eclipses and what they are. Eclipses are times of revealing and things set in motion during an eclipse have a deep impact for the next 6 months or more. They are powerful times for manifesting. Whatever happens and whatever we create during the eclipses has a large impact on the next several months and the future. Once I was writing about the upcoming eclipses for a newsletter and I knew exactly when they were coming. As a result of this, I very specifically set some clear intentions during the eclipse and a few hours later my plans for the week were deeply impacted by a cancellation with a friend while traveling. This then had a ripple effect as I met entirely new people and set a new course for myself. I feel strongly that this new course was set as a result of my intention setting during the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse

In an eclipse, the sun which represents of our conscious awareness gets blocked by the moon which represents what is hidden but true. In this case, the moon is literally eclipsing the sun and blocking out its light.

Lunar Eclipse

During a lunar eclipse (which always happen on full moons), the sun, the earth, and the moon align in a straight line. The earth is then between the moon and the sun.  The earth’s shadow blocks the light from the sun hitting the moon and plunges the moon into darkness. Essentially during a lunar eclipse, the moon appears goes from a full moon to a new moon and back in terms of light and then back to full again. So in sense, the manifesting energy from a whole month happens in that very brief window of time.

Eclipses always bring about change and what may seem like chaos but there is an underlying order. In essence, a new moon eclipse is an uber new moon and a full moon eclipse is an uber full moon.

Upcoming Eclipses

We have two eclipses coming up. First will be a solar eclipse in Virgo followed by a lunar eclipse in the sign of Pisces. The eclipses in March were to stir up things up and get us to think about things we might not have while the September eclipses will firm things up for us bring clarity and movement. After the lunar eclipse on September 16, it will be easier to feel like you can move forward again. The last several months have been about identifying issues that need to be resolved and cleared and after this set of eclipses, it will be easier to move forward and you will have the clarity and be empowered to act with more confidence. One of the themes from this coming sets of eclipses that is coming up is turning the focus from other back to ourselves. If we fight this lesson, it will be harder for us in the long term. One of the benefits of these eclipses is that they bring things up for us for review and clearing so that we can manifest on a brighter, clearer level once they are cleared for us.

Eclipses Mark Endings and Beginnings

Though this can feel traumatic, it’s important to remember that if something is ending, there is good reason for it to do so and the same goes for the beginnings! There may be some things we let go of that are difficult but new things that come in that are even better. Let go of what is taken away and don’t fight it. Go with the flow and things will go much more easily for you. In particular, you might feel extra emotional during a full moon eclipse as you are purging and releasing old patterns, emotions, relationships, and situations which are not serving you on your path. You may feel you are on an emotional rollercoaster as you purge and release. When this happens, not that they will pass. Focus on your breath and ask your angels and guides to help you release all that is no longer serving you.

Fast Forward Evolution and Change

Eclipses also create change fast and may create situations which mean change that you thought was going to happen in years has to happen in weeks or at the moment. These unexpected circumstances area for your good but they can leave us reeling to try to keep up! Again don’t fight it, these things are for your evolution and your good.
Seeing People For Who They Are

Eclipses, particularly lunar eclipses may shine a light on people and show you a side that you hadn’t seen before and it may not be pretty. While it may be tempting to dismiss some of these things because they are magnified by the energies of the full moon, the quote by Maya Angelou resonates in this case, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

Don’t Fight the Changes 

We are often in resistance to what is for our good. If there is something coming up for release, there is a good reason for it! Thank the universe for the changes and the lessons and move on. You will have six months to shift and incorporate the changes before the next set of eclipses comes and asks you to shift and evolve yet again.

Onwards and upwards as we and the world are all works in progress.

The Benefits of Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Recently I have been getting so many messages about meditation that I finally just couldn’t ignore them and started meditating. I have tried meditating before and had a really hard time. I realized I was trying to do it on my own without a teacher. This often doesn’t go well when we are trying to learn something new. It was kind of like trying to teach yourself complex math with just a text book and no teacher (I should know; I have tried to do that before but that is another story). I have since discovered the benefits of guided meditation. In guided meditation you listen to someone who guides you through visualizations and relaxation techniques and for me this has made all the difference between failure and success. At some point I may be able to do meditation on my own without listening to an audio but for now, I am loving listening to them. 

The Benefits of Meditation

There are so many benefits to meditation and if you want to improve your life dramatically in a whole host of ways then there is no reason you should not be practicing meditation.
We live is such a stress oriented, active society but often we are working so hard to try to create a good quality of life but that are stressed in body in mind which is not a good quality of life. Meditation can help give us the perspective, peace, and focus we need to change our life in dramatic ways. I love this quote about meditation, “Meditate for an hour every day unless you are too busy. In that case meditate for two hours.” If you are so busy you can’t find an hour (or ten minutes) meditating can help you refocus and figure out how to work better and smarter. 
Here are a few benefits of meditation on health and wellness. The percentages are compared with non-meditators:

More focus (10x)
75% less depression
30% less anxiety
65% more well-being
50% less disease
Pain reduction
Reduce alcohol and substance abuse

These statistics are from over 100 scientific papers on meditation. You can read more about this and download a free meditation guide here:

Practicing Meditation

There is a reason they call it practicing! Meditation is not easy at first but most people expect that it should be. It’s like any new kind of exercise program, its hard at first! And I really do think of this as an exercise program; it’s exercise for the mind. You wouldn’t expect to run a marathon without training so don’t expect yourself to be able to meditation easily without some practice first too. It sounds simple to sit and focus or not focus depending on how you look at it for a few minutes to an hour at a time, but it will feel hard at first and that’s ok. It’s called a practice for a reason because you do need to work at it. And there are many benefits from doing even if it seems like you are terrible at it at first. You may feel like you are doing anything but relaxing or emptying your mind or whatever. Do it anyway and after a period of time, your mind will quiet and you will feel peace. 

Here are a few tips for successful meditation practice:

Find a peaceful and quiet place where you can relax without distractions 
Get comfy (I like to lay down)
Drink water so you are hydrated and not distracted before you start
Have dim lighting or candle light to help your mind be less stimulated
Listen to peaceful music or a guided meditation to help you start
Don’t set expectations, just allow yourself to have the experience, whatever it needs to be

If you want to explore meditating, there are some great easy resources to do so. You can download my grounding and clearing audio meditation which helps you learn how to ground yourself and clear your energy field. There are also some great free guided meditations on Spotify’s Guided Meditation playlist. You can check that out for free here. Deepak Chopra has some great free ones as does Philip Permutt on that playlist so there is literally no reason not to try it. 

So I know that meditating can seem daunting but there are so many benefits if you can work through any resistance you have to it. There are literally so many benefits to it, it is silly not to at least try it .

Monday, July 18, 2016

Acid Addiction, The Hidden Addiction

I was recently had a huge realization that I have been addicted to acidic foods. For years I have been shifting and releasing certain foods and cleaning up my diet. What I now realize is that many of those foods and drinks had one thing in common and I just now made the connection. Nearly everything I have given up because it was making me sick has one thing in common; they are acidic. After doing a little research, I realized this is an incredibly prevalent problem. 

It all started when I was realizing that I was having cravings for carbonated water. I no longer drink caffeine, sugar or any sweeteners including fruit or vegetable juice so that eliminates most fun things to drink. I started drinking carbonated water assuming that is was a healthy option. I have been addicted to enough foods and drinks to recognize my addictive pattern when it rises up. Anytime we crave something, there is always an addictive component so I was surprised at how strongly I was craving soda water. So I did a little research and learned carbonated water is highly acidic. Since that is the only thing, aside from perhaps some salt or minerals that differentiates it from regular water, I started digging into the topic and did some research. What I learned shocked me. I learned that not only is carbonated water acidic, it is highly acidic. When I looked into what else is acidic, it turns out that some of the most acidic foods and beverages were things I had already given up. Even though I had noticeable digestive and systemic reactions to certain foods, they were pretty much all also acidic. So I came to the realization that I have been an acid addict and not the psychedelic kind but the kind that is in so many of our foods and drinks. Since I consider myself to be a fairly educated person on health, wellness, and nutrition, I decided that if I was didn't know about this, a lot of other people probably didn't either so I decided to write this to help educate people on the dangers of acidic food addiction and consumption.

Acidic Food Consumption Symptoms

The symptoms of an overconsumption of acidic foods and the resulting effect on the body (acidosis) are universally bad. They include:

  • insomnia
  • weight gain
  • muscle atrophy
  • bone density loss
  • demineralization
  • acne
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • illness and disease
  • cancer
  • fatigue
  • drowsiness
  • brain fog and cognitive decline
I don't know about you, but none of those things are things that I want in my life. I had been feeling for some time like I was not as vibrant as I should be given my health regimen, diet, and lifestyle and when I pinpointed this issue, a lot of things suddenly made sense.  

I started drinking carbonated water more after I gave up liquor as it was a sort of fun drink I could have at a bar or restaurant that was not just plain water. I also started buying cans of La Croix because they were convenient to take on the road and were not plastic (which I try to avoid for numerous reasons). 

One thing that struck me about this realization is that when we have an addiction, the body and tries to satisfy it in a new way if the original source has been taken away. For example, if you are addicted to sugar, and you eliminate refined sugar from your diet, you may suddenly crave starches, grains, or fruit which processes to sugar in the body. So I was unknowingly falling into this trap when I gave up other acidic foods and started to consume a lot of sparkling water. 

Acidic Foods and Drinks to Avoid

Since I don't think many people think about the acidic content of their foods, here is a highly acidic food and drinks to avoid:

  • dairy products
  • bread and grain products
  • most meat
  • carbonated beverages
  • alcohol
  • peanuts
  • caffeine
  • table salt
  • sugar and most sweeteners
  • vinegar
  • pickled foods
  • canned or preserved foods

This list is basically a list of all of the foods and drinks that I have loved, consumed in large quantities, and then given up over the last several years. I just never made the connection that they had something in common. 

Other Contributors to an Acidic System

There are other lifestyle choices which will make your system more acidic and lead you to be less healthy. Here is a list of those contributors:
  • cigarettes and tobacco and nicotine
  • stress
  • carbon monoxide
  • lack of sleep or poor quality sleep
  • most drugs including aspirin and opioids
Now most of these things are things we tend to recognize as being problematic health-wise. It is interesting to note that many of these are also highly addictive behaviors or substances individually so when you look at the acid correlation, it makes sense.

How to Reverse Acidosis

To reverse an overly acidic system (acidosis), there are several simple things you can do to regain your health. Most are simple changes and others simply require refocusing.

To alkalize your system, you can do the following:

  • eliminate acidic food and drink from your diet
  • ensure you have good sleep and sleep hygiene
  • release stressful habits, patterns, and situations
  • take small amounts of sodium bicarbonate (baking soday) daily
  • drink lots of fresh, pure water (add fresh lemon if desired)

Please note that I highly recommend seeking the advice, guidance, and monitoring of a health professional or nutritionist to advise you.

I decided to write about this on my spiritual blog because if we aren’t doing well physically, we cannot do well spiritually. Eating an acidic diet causes brain problems and since our brain is like command central so for our bodies so if that isn’t doing well, we are not likely to be spiritually centered as well.

It came as a shock to me that almost all of the foods I was eating were acidic and causing a whole host of problems for me. No wonder even though I was eating organic food, I wasn’t feeling my best. I was eating a diet that was acidic without realizing and I think a lot of people do that same. I hope this information helps you! Best of luck on your health journey! 

You can read more about Laura Powers and her health and spiritual journey and tips on her website,

Monday, May 16, 2016

Channeled Messages from Archangel Jophiel and Azrael

Recently I have been getting guided to share messages from the angels and ascended masters on my facebook. Since not everyone is my facebook friend, I decided to share some of the messages here. These messages and many more will be in my forthcoming book on Archangels and Ascended Masters, coming later this year!

Here is a message from Archangel Azrael:

So many of you fight the release of what is best for you. If you are being asked to release it is because there is a benefit and a relief for you to do to. It is difficult because society tells you to be in fear and to hold on but if you can truly let go, the freedom and elation can be ecstatic. If you are in fear about a transition or about releasing something you have to release, call on me to help comfort you and to see the light. I am here for all of you. There is no need to fear the unknown and even death is not truly unknown as you have all been on the other side before. Fear is our greatest adversary but rather that try to fight or push it away, allow it to move through you and you will release then that the fear is not you. Notice the fear and allow it to pass. So many allow fear to take up residence in our hearts and minds but we do not have to allow this to happen. It is possible to refrain from judgement of fear but also not to let it reside in your house and your mind. Allow fear to do what fear does, but let fear pass. Fear is never meant to live in one place for long. Only by learning to let fear pass, can we find our peace. Remember that if you are struggling with fear, I am here for you. Simply invite me to you and I am there.

Here is a message from Jophiel:

Be easy on yourself. It is easy to push and get frustrated. Too often, humans are making progress and good things are happening but they get frustrated because they feel things should be happening faster. By doing this they are not focusing with love and gratitude on the things that should be happening faster. There is no need to force or push things to happen. You are loved and supported. Ask us to help you ease your burdens. Enjoy life, enjoy the little things. Dream big and believe that the wonderful thing you envision can come into being. The angels love you very much!

Blessings to all of you!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Channeled Message from Wayne Dyer

Hello, I am so pleased to talk with you all today. First of all, I want you all to know that I am doing great. I am excited to be here on the other side and excited that I can talk with you all this way. It was time for me to leave the earthly plane but that does not mean that my work is done. To the contrary actually because I feel my work is just beginning. I am going to be talking through channels like Laura and continuing to work as a mentor and guide to many of you who are doing the same kind of work that I did. In a way, the work that I did was just the beginning. I am so honored and happy to have helped prepare the way for so many of you and I want to encourage you who are reading and listening to this to work on your soul missions. There is really nothing more important.

There is a great need for knowledge and those who can teach it to others! If you feel the call to do this, know that it is not an accident. Do not get caught in the ego trap of believing that you are not capable or worthy. You are both! You can call on me if you feel you need support (or your other guides). 

You are living in an exciting time. Many old systems are going to be crashing down right now and it might seem traumatic but its for the good. There is a lot of corruption in the system just as there was in Rome and many other great cities where power and greed corrupted the leadership. When these old systems fall, know that it is so that better systems can come into place. If things are challenging or you are fearful, know that everything will turn out alright in the end. Do not get caught up in fear or inaction. Each of you has the power to change the world. The time is now, do not hesitate. Get to work! It might mean reading a book on a topic that will help you teach and learn, to take a class, to start speaking with your friends about spirituality, energy, or healing. Follow what feels right for you but take action and know that you are supported in doing so.

I'll be here helping you from the other side and so will your angels and spirit guides. I'll be talking with you soon and giving you guidance and support. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, intuition, and messages from the universe. Ha ha now get to work! And thanks for all your work, it is appreciated and will be rewarded.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Be Your Own Knight in Shining Armor

Be Your Own Knight in Shining Armor

One theme that is coming up a lot is the importance of not believing that we need others to save us. The angels are all about helping each other and cooperation however we are all empowered with the tools we need to make changes and essentially save ourselves. It is disempowering to believe that we need someone else to save us. It is important to recognize our own vulnerability and learn from mistakes however we alone are the ones that can decide and then shift our lives. In essence we rescue ourselves through our own choices. The direct opposite is true as well. You cannot save anyone who does not want to be saved. You can try as hard as you can to pull someone out of a hole of negativity and victim mind-set but if they do not want to release it, they won’t and all that will happen is that you get pulled into the hole yourself.

Being a Victim and Being a Rescuer –Two Sides of the Same Coin
As strange as it sounds, both victim and rescuer mind-sets suffer from the same malady. Neither perspective honors the importance of the power of the individual to make changes in their lives. Those in victim status have given their power away and think they need others to do things for them while those who want to rescue mistakenly believe that others do not have their own power. Neither is healthy. The truth is that every single person alive has the power to transform and change their circumstances. If they don’t it is because they don’t believe that they do and either believing that we need others to save us, or believing we need to save others is equally damaging. To wait for someone else to rescue us puts not enough focus on ourselves and so too does trying to save someone else.

Take Responsibility for Yourself and Allow Others to Do the Same
When we are in a pattern or rescuing others all the time, we take away their power to help themselves. We also can keep those people stuck in a pattern where they are not given the opportunity to learn to do things on their own. Have you ever met adults who never learned to cook or do laundry because their parents always did it for them? These adults are stunted and though their parents were trying to help, they were really doing them a disservice. The same is true for being rescued all the time. If we allow others to get caught up in the belief that we have more power than o they do, we do them a disservice.

Balanced Giving and Receiving

The best situation is to have balanced giving and receiving. All of us will have times in our lives when we help others and when we receive help from others. This is good! The problem is when we systematically are doing one or the other. As with many things, it is about doing something within reason. If you find yourself on either side of this equation too much, remember to focus on your part. The more we focus on shifting ourselves and what we can do to shift a problem, the better place the world will be.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Dark

The Dark
I wrote in my last post about how the light works so it seemed that talking about some basic dark principles would be helpful as well. By understanding the principles of each, you can better navigate through life and make better life choices.

One major difference about the light in the dark is the concept of the win/win versus the win/lose. Think of a traditional deal with the devil or a demon and in order to get what you want, you must always sacrifice something you really ideally would not want to lose like your soul, or your life. Sign on the dotted line to receive wealth, fame fortune, and the girl (or boy) and in exchange you relinquish your soul and die after ten years. Contrast that with the light principles which state that there doesn’t have to be a loser. Not only is there not a winning side but you don’t have to sacrifice something you want for something else you don’t want. When you work with the light, it is possible to achieve goals and help others in the process. As you do well you can help others more, plus you get to keep your soul – major bonus!

Illusion and Deception
The light is about illumination and the truth. The dark is about deception and illusion. As things are illuminated, whatever is being hidden is revealed. Whenever you are dealing with an individual that is deceptive or a situation where there is a lot of illusion, it is likely that there is a lot of darkness there. To hide or deceive is not light. Healing and releasing happens when we see the deception that is there and move forward. The dark wants you to be in the dark and not know what is really going on. In life there is much illusion and as we spiritually evolve, we learn to see past the illusion to the truth even in the darkness.

Just as the light creates, the dark destroys. Notice I did not say good and evil. Sometimes in order to create, we need to have some destruction (an old building is torn down to make way for the new for example). That said, widespread destruction is not usually helpful. Often times, we are guided to release rather than destroy in order to make way for the new. It is possible for us to release with being destructive. For example, when a relationship has run its course, you may simply choose to let the relationship go rather than destroy it. Ask the angels for help clearing and releasing in a helpful way and creating the new.

Punishment Versus Healing and Understanding
The dark principles are punishment and suffering like the concept of “an eye for an eye” versus healing and understanding. There is a big difference between demanding that someone is punished for their actions rather than helping them understand why that action is not good. I prefer restorative justice which helps the perpetrators of crimes understand the damage they did. It is much more effective than simply punishing. When you punish without helping someone understand why it’s a bad idea to do that action, no healing happens. The energy of punishment is about spreading suffering rather than learning and healing. Do you prefer to spread the energy of love through healing or pain and suffering?

Of course this is all a simplification. In life there are many gray areas however hopefully these help you think about things in a different way. There are other light and dark principles but this is a great start. I’ll be talking about other principles in later articles.